The Awareness Factor

Envision the following…

My husband, son, and I are shopping at Costco. As we peruse the offerings we pass by the occasional food sample to try. We try to get a food sample, but there are so many people surrounding the sample tables that if we wanted to get one we would have to fight someone for it, normally a child between the ages of 5-14 (this is not an approximate age), or an entire family of 6-8 members that have positioned their carts by the sample table so no one else can even remotely pop in and sample something and say thank you. And because there are so many people vying for a sample they have gridlocked the area and you can’t even get through to keep shopping.  Thus, we normally do not even try to sample something because the situation is utterly ridiculous, and go a different way. End scene.

The older I get the more I rely on the manners I was taught as a young person. Sure, I had a lapse probably in my post-high school/early college years, but nowadays I really try to be courteous, be aware of others, and practice the golden rule. As I go through my daily life, more and more I observe a lack of awareness. Everything from people having a full fledged conversation in the middle of a grocery aisle on a busy Saturday to no one can get through to the slowest driver possible in the fast lane. I have to say it gets old. Trust me, I do practice patience on a daily basis with any situation resembling this because I taught junior high school for 15 years. (If you forgot, that’s teaching children between the ages of 12-15 with raging hormones, smart ass opinions, and almost constant drama. Let me say up front I did love what I did, this is just an observation.) However, as I continually watch people lose awareness of their current surroundings I ask myself, where has our awareness gone? Are we so into our cell phones, that we can’t possible move our cart to the side of aisle so people can get through? Is the conversation we’re having on our phones so captivating that we can’t drive in the slow lane and let everyone pass by? I think it bothers me more because I really try to make sure I am aware of others around trying to enjoy the same scenery as I am.

Yoda Be Aware Meme

In conclusion, I ask that everyone try to be aware of your surroundings. It’s quite possible that you just might help everyone else enjoy the same surroundings you are.