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Ah, Tradition! KY Derby 142!

I have moved around my entire life and lived in various locations including North Carolina, Florida, California, Washington, Panama (summers as a teenager), Kentucky, Idaho and Utah.  Many people always ask me if I had a choice where would I live exclusively and I used to say Washington state, but as life has progressed I will now answer with an enthusiastic – Louisville, KY!  One of the many reasons I answer that way is the tradition of the Kentucky Derby.

KY Derby 142

 When I lived in Louisville all of us teachers would attend the Kentucky Oaks (the day of races before the Kentucky Derby), and would enjoy the hospitality of the infield  (so many fashion tickets to give, and yet so little time).  Then when I moved to Utah we had to balance hosting a Derby party or flying out to the Bluegrass State for the real thing.  A couple of years ago we hosted our first Derby party, and then last year Maximus Rex was born during that weekend so instead we broke out our flasks and watched the races in the hospital. 🙂  This year we carried on our tradition and had a grand party.  

2016-05-07 20.17.25


Big hats were worn, mint juleps were drank, betting on the horses ensued, and good times were had by all!  Although the party was grand, I will always encourage anyone who has the opportunity to attend the Derby to take it.



Until next year…Ciao…