Blogs/Sites I Browse…

Bette Midler –  There’s just something I’ve always adored about Bette Midler.  Sure, if I want to get my cry on I’m going to watch “Beaches”, however, if I need a reminder on how to be lady or bring my ladyish ways back, she’s my gal!

Apartment Therapy – No, I don’t live in an apartment anymore, but I have been redecorating different areas in my house & this site always provides me with inspiration.

Fitness Test Drive – This is a fairly new edition to my blog list, but I do love a good gadget and I like to stay fit enough to play around with Maximus Rex, so I’ll keep perusing this site for now.

Funny or Die – Somehow Will Ferrell always seems to get a smile and/or laugh out of me. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Mind Shift – Although I haven’t visited this site in some time, I will start to since my day job has transitioned into motherhood & I’d like to keep up on all things education.

Naked Baby Chef & I – Yes, this baby likes to bake naked and the baked goods are pretty darn good as well.  And her mom is a friend, so check it out.

Playfully Tacky – This lovely woman named Stephanie appeals to my own tackiness (others would say I’m too diplomatic to be tacky, but they didn’t know me when I was younger), and I love reading her book reviews.

Scary Mommy – About half of the time this site has some articles that I relate to as a new mom of a human being.

Sippy Cups & Chardonnay – By the grace of the Goddess I found this mom’s group and haven’t looked back since.  If you live in Utah along the Wasatch front you should check them out for very enjoyable times!  Plus, they have recently transitioned into a non-profit organization to boot.

Suitcase Foodist – Always has intriguing recipes to browse.

The Chalkboard – I like a stylish blog that incorporates not only good recipes, but fitness/well-being, profiles/collaboration, and everyday living.





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