Greetings Everyone!

A new chapter in my life means updating everything else!  I used to blog because I liked sharing recipes that I cooked and believed that everyone needed to know that good tasting food can be good for you.   I still think everyone needs to know healthy food can taste great, but my life has taken a bit of a shift and it looks like this…


Everyone including myself never imagined I would actually have human children, and yet never say never, right?   🙂 🙂 🙂 Thor (husband) & I couldn’t be happier and Max couldn’t be more handsome!  Yes, I realize that sounds kind of arrogant of me, but look at that adorable face.  😉

Back to the purpose of the blog…I’ll still share recipes, cooking adventures and random mentions of movies & music I like, but it’s time to broaden my horizons and basically just blog more.  This blog will hopefully start to include more adventures with Maximus Rex, Thor, Sparkee & Jack.  Additionally, it is my hope that you’ll read about the block adventures I want to take in order to get to know the city of Sandy better (as well as other Utah cities), home improvements, and good times in general.



Having a child and filling the house role of queen regent makes you reassess all the things you think up that you want to do and realize that you haven’t done of any of those things yet.  Luckily, for me I have a group of friends who do seek out things to do around the city that I want to try and apparently, there are some pretty cool Mom groups out there.


Jack & Sparkee

So, that’s the plan.  This blog plans to keep it light and not take itself too seriously, unless of course a current event warrants that type of attention from yours truly.  I hope you enjoy this blog and please give feedback or just say hi!

Ciao for now…

THE MC (S. Mastin-Call)


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