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Foodie Finds – The Roots Cafe

My previous and always office buddy and I went out for brunch in her neighborhood a couple of weeks ago.  She’s a lover of food like me and always impresses me with the places she finds.  She asked me to meet her at The Roots Cafe and I just expected what I deem ‘normal’ cafe fare – salads, soups, sandwiches, etc.  It was so much more and then some.


The BenniPoached eggs, heirloom tomato (seasonal) and choice of protein on toasted English muffin. Topped with housemade hollandaise and served with house potatoes.

I’m a sucker for any version of Eggs Benedict presented to me on a menu, however, I almost didn’t order this beauty.  There was so much on the menu that appealed to me it was very hard to choose.  I was sold by the fact that I could choose my own protein from things like homemade sausage to vegetarian options.  So, I ordered it and it was SOOOO good.

I think I should go back at least once a week until I’ve tried everything on the menu.  Maybe next time I’ll order ‘The Peeto‘ (marinated grass-fed beef thinly sliced on baguette with horseradish avocado aioli, pepper jack cheese, sweet onions and caramelized jalapeno served with house made au-jus), or perhaps the ‘Roots Mole Taco Salad‘ (choice of grass fed beef or quinoa with house made mole seasoning, baby greens, black eyed peas, jicama, chimichurri slaw. Heirloom tomatoes, red onion, avocado and salsa fresca).  Decisions, decisions.

The Roots Cafe, 3474 S. 2300 E., EAST MILLCREEK, UT

Phone:  801-277-6499, OPEN 7 AM-3 PM Daily


P.S.  There’s a cute little antique shop in the same building that is nice to browse through if you have a minute.





Restaurant Review – The Black Bear Diner

It was a Saturday lunch out today mainly because Thor has been homebound for the last days after severly pulling his back.  The first suggestions was The Belgian Waffle & Omelet place, but then The Black Bear Diner was mentioned and we headed up there.

Overall, I’d give the whole experience a mediocre.  (This would include food, environment, menu choice, etc.)  My food was pretty good – 3-egg white omelet w/ mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, spinach, bell pepper & cheese; red potatoes w/ bell peppers & onions; and I just realized I didn’t get my fruit unless one orange slice counts as fruit.  Thor had the tri-tip/mushroom omelet with a biscuit instead of fruit (the biscuit lacked taste, but I have seriously never to this day found a biscuit as awesome as the one’s at the now retired Lynn’s Paradise Cafe in KY.).  Thor felt too much parmesan cheese was used and over powered the omelet’s flavor.

The service was alright, but I guess it was a good sign that we had to wait 10 minutes because it was so busy.  🙂  The prices were alright as well.  I have issues when my cup of coffee was just as much as a side of bacon, or Thor’s dish was less expensive than mine and it had meat.

Would I go again?  Yes, because I want to try other things on their menu.  Could I go to Johanna’s or The Belgian Waffle & Omelet place and be alright too?  Yep.

It smells like a burnt Papa Murphy’s pizza all throughout the house. I’m not sure which I prefer…burnt pizza smell, campfire smell, or neither…hmmm…

Restaurant Spotlight: Bohemian Brewery

After seeing my most beloved secret agent this past Saturday evening (007 in Skyfall), I was treated to a belated birthday dinner and I chose the Bohemian Brewery.  Besides making it’s own beer and not being a chain restaurant, the Bohemian prides itself on their delicious German/European fare.  They have great garlic fries, brats and pierogies.  I was looking for something lighter and tried a different salad then my regular favorite, the Poached Pear Salad.

This salad didn’t disappoint and there was so much there I could only finish half of it.  I took half of the salmon home and ate it with lunch the following day.  I really could eat at this place once a week, but I choose to feature it only every once in awhile so I appreciate it more when I visit again.

If you have never gone to the Bohemian Brewery I highly recommend it even if you don’t drink beer.  I plan on keeping a regular stash of their beer because their beer comes in cans which gets along with my current recycling program.  🙂

Rest. Recommendation – Fleming’s Steakhouse

Chipolte Cheddar Macaroni & Cheese

This past weekend, we dined with Ms. Santa Barbara and her husband.  After voting, we ended up at Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse.  I will confess my main purpose for going was their Chipolte Cheddar Macaroni & Cheese which I had the privilege of trying a few months ago with Mama Tina & her B.F.F.  Another reason I love this place, is if I’m not terribly hungry they have small plate options, which suit me just fine.  🙂  If you get the opportunity & feel like spending a little more, I would highly recommend this restaurant for you.

on shiitake risotto, chili oil, drizzled with porcini butter 

Grilled Asparagus

One More Time – Fog Harbor Fish House

Greetings everyone!

I’m back from California & attempted to share with all of you a restaurant recommendation earlier, but it didn’t go through.  Don’t worry, you’ll get it tonight.  🙂

Restaurant Recommendation – FOG HARBOR FISH HOUSE

Mixed Grill – Swordfish, salmon, & shrimp with garlic mashed potatoes & broccoli.

Lobster Special.

There are many reasons I recommend this restaurant on Pier 39 in San Francisco, California:

  1. Service – Great!  Everything came in a timely manner including drinks, break, food orders & refilling of drinks.
  2. Food quality – Superb!  The first picture was my order and everything was delicious.  Like a grilled dish should be it wasn’t dripping in any butter and it was flavored well.
  3. Price – Reasonable.  My whole order was $22 which I consider reasonable for fish and I received three different types.
If fish is your thing, and you want done right at a reasonable price this place is for you.  
Fog Harbor Fish House, The Embarcadero, PIER 39, San Francisco, CA, 94133 
~ Food – my love, my hobby, my way of life ~

Restaurant Review – Asian Potato

Around our neighborhood & surrounding neighborhoods there are many restaurants, however, they are all chain restaurants.  Chain restaurants do serve the purpose of providing predictability, but many of them don’t have many semi-healthy/healthy options, and I tire of them easily.   Don’t worry, there are many non-chain restaurants as you drive the cop infested streets of Sandy, Midvale, Murray, etc. (i.e. – Tin Roof Grill, The Bohemian and many others), and those are the types of food venues I prefer.

Often I drive north on 700 East and pass the ‘Asian Potato’, and think what an interesting name.  Then I start asking myself, “Is this an Asian restaurant that has a potato in every dish?  Where did they come up with that name?”  Well, a couple of nights ago it was my night to cook & I decided I didn’t feel like cooking & suggested Pei Wei (one of our standard semi-healthy establishments we regularly frequent; yes, I know it’s a chain).  Then Thor said, “How about the ‘Asian Potato’?”

So we ventured out & dined at the Asian Potato, and I have to say it’s not potato themed (and I never found out the origins of the name).  I am glad to say that all the food we ate was REALLY good!!  Here’s what we had:


  • Veggie Spring Rolls  – These were very fresh & some of the best I’ve had in awhile.  Yes, they were deep fried, but I had to try them.
  • Hot & Sour Soup – Very thick & just the right amount of hot to clear your sinuses.
Main Dishes
  • Panang Curry (hot red curry) – Came in a bowl with chicken, veggies, coconut milk & just the right combination of sweet & hot.
  • Szechwan Chicken – I emphasized I didn’t want a deep-fried dish, so I got this.  Nice & hot, just the way I like it & lots of veggies.
A few other noteworthy mentions…they have brown rice which can be hard to find at some Asian restaurants.  From the main dishes mentioned above the restaurant serves Chinese & Thai food.  They’re reasonably priced & have lunch specials.  You can eat in or order take out.  And the back of their brochure says they don’t use MSG.
If you get a chance or have a craving for Chinese or Thai food, I would highly recommend it.
Asian Potato, 8745 S. 700 E., Sandy, UT  84070, 801.255.1122,

Dinner @ Vuz

We had dinner with the fabulous Di & Danny last night at new place called, Vuz, in Draper.  We asked the restaurant where they came up with the name, and they said it’s a play on words after the ‘views’ you get from looking down into the valley from the where the restaurant is located.

Personally, the food was marvelous, the atmosphere was pretty good, but the service could have been faster.  However, I do recommend you go try it out.  🙂  Vuz – – 12234 South Draper Gate Drive, Draper, Utah, 84020, Tel: 801.617.8600.