Product Euphoria

Colorful Kid Dinnerware

I think because I was raised by people that love to cook and I love to cook, I LOVE anything kitchen related (minus doing the dishes; thanks Thor)!  After having my son I was given another reason to browse kitchenware everywhere – enter IKEA.  

One day months ago I was at IKEA for an entirely different reason.  I can’t remember why, but I remember I was proud of myself because I made it through the bottom floor in 2o minutes.  If you shop IKEA you know it can be impossible to make it just through the bottom floor in an hour, so I felt like I won a bronze medal or something.  As we were waiting to checkout I saw something rainbowish in my peripheral.  It happened to be sets of kid plastic plates, bowls, cups and eating utensils.  Each set was $2-3 each.  SCORE!  Occasionally I’m guilty of being sucked in by a good price of something I may or may not need.  I could have waited to purchase them because Max was only 6 months old at the time, but why wait?  

    I can honestly say this is superb kid friendly dinnerware.  I personally like the bright colors, but all of it washes great and is microwave friendly.  If you’ve never browsed the bottom floor of IKEA, I highly suggest it for many household needs.

P.S.  Let’s keep it real, I don’t need any reason to browse kitchenware!  ūüėČ


The Organized Functional Movement (TOFM)

Since the personal job change occured I have been getting in tune with my home again. ¬†Normally, it would happen during the summer or some school break, but now that I hang out at home more I have the time. ¬†The result has been a progressive movement to make every space in my house as organized and functional as possible. ¬†I have always gotten a cleansing feeling from throwing away stuff I don’t need, use or want anymore and then making the space organized and cute. ¬†(Insert NERD ALERT!)

Some might dread this type of stuff, but ever since I helped a friend move her parents that owned/collected way too much stuff I find joy in purging anything from my house that hasn’t served a purpose in some time. ¬†Plus, now that I have an almost toddler roaming the house it is imperative that each space is functional. ¬†This means I can find things, put them back quickly, and¬†use every nook and cranny of each space.

being organization

This sums it up sometimes, but other times I just get joy out of looking at a very organized space.  (Insert GAG ME WITH A SPOON for some people.)

Finally this post brings me to the point of my lastest product euphoria – magnetic spice tins.


I really should have transitioned to these awesome little items years ago. ¬†During Thanksgiving I had noticed my mother had redone her spices in her pantry into glass jars with a sealed top. ¬†I liked the look, but getting¬†spices in and out of my pantry would be too far away when cooking, and glass jars don’t¬†have the sprinkle holes when you only need a sprinkle. ¬†Here’s a closeup of the spice tins…

spice tins

I would really recommend anyone looking to save space to use this method. ¬†You get labels for the spice tins here. ¬†You can order the tins themselves here. ¬†(I ended up getting 12 at Amazon, then ordered a second set from them but they kept messing up the order so I ended up getting the final ones from Bed, Bath & Beyond.) ¬†You will also need to order the magnetic metal backing to attach the tins on which you can find here. ¬†I made the mistake of thinking the tins came with the backing because I didn’t read it closely – whoopsie!

This is the first of many posts from ‘The Organized Functional Movement’ to come since I’m on a mission lately. ¬†Also in the works are glimpses into my redecorating of the house, more recipes posts and hopefully some outings with the kiddo!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!



Product Euphoria – Frozen Greek Yogurt Bars


I was strolling through Costco because I pretty much live there, and as I was passing some frozen cases on my way to grab baby wipes these popped out at me! ¬†Now I think chocolate & mint are the perfect combination, but I also love ice cream. ¬†My grandfather, Pop, ate ice cream every night after dinner, and yes, I loved spending the night because I got ice cream. ¬†When I saw the frozen greek yogurt label I wasn’t sure how much I would like these bars, but they’re pretty damn good. ¬†Plus, they are only 100 calories!

Of course when I picked up the box to read the nutrition label I was pleasantly surprised. ¬†I would say they are mostly clean. ¬†As you browse the label below some of my super clean eaters might disagree, but after sampling these (and I’m sure the whole box will be consumed by me), I will search out their other flavors to see if they are just as yummy!


A Class Act

The moment I discovered Janelle Monae reminded me music quality still existed out there. Of course quality music did exist, but most of the stuff I had been listening to didn’t motivate me to listen to it again. I’ve had this album since it came out, and now Janelle is motivating me to watch music videos again; thanks.

Product Euphoria – Chobani Bites

Product Euphoria - Chobani Bites

I was attending a school training a couple of months back and my co-worker had one of these yogurts for breakfast. I do love Chobani yogurt but don’t get them most of the time because of the sugar content. However, this little number has reduced sugar and many delicious flavors. I could totally replace dessert with the chocolate and mint variety.

(The most amusing part was my co-worker ate it with the foil lid because she forgot her spoon. Well played, well played.)

The Flavors of Protein

When looking for a quick snack or perhaps a meal, I was always on the hunt for a good granola bar, protein bar, or something that would taste good and be nutrional.  Choosing the bar is a quick fix for those of us who are super, hyper busy sometimes.

There’s so much out there today and those bar options beg the question, do I really want to read every single bar ingredient label that I come across?? ¬†If you’ve ever read any of them, most of them are this long:

protein bar ingredients

I get through the first ingredient and I’m literally exhausted. ¬†

When I came across Quest Protein Bars, I was quite pleased at it’s simplistic approach to ingredients, and more importantly the taste and how many flavors they offer. ¬†Here’s a sample of their ingredient list:

quest protein bar ingredients

11 whole ingredients!!  20 grams of protein and only 3 carbs!!  17 grams of fiber!! WINNER!

Not only do I enjoy these protein bars because less is more when it comes to ingredients, but they offer tons of flavors (Cookies ‘n cream, chocolate chip & apple pie are my favorite), they taste good, and they keep me full. ¬†So, if you need a new protein bar, go on a ‘Quest‘ and try this one out. ¬†ūüôā

quest protein bars

Thank You, Janelle Monae

A couple of years ago I discovered that NPR puts together an annual best of music list and it was then that I found the lovely, Janelle Monae. ¬†I downloaded her album, “The ArchAndroid” and fell in love with music all over again. ¬†Like many of you music keeps me going, and like some of you I consider myself somebody who can jam to just about anything. ¬†When I found Janelle, I hadn’t realized that music had started to sound all the same to me. ¬†Well, she’s done it again so far with the first two songs from her album, “The Electric Lady”, and I can’t wait to listen to the whole thing.

Happy listening, everyone!

Nobody Sounds Quite Like Robin Thicke

I have purchased several albums from the son of Alan Thicke over the years and have never been disappointed. If you like a smooth R & B sound with some funk, plenty of getting of your freak on, and just plain old swooning, he’s the gentleman for you. I attached his latest single without the actual video for many reasons, but if you’re interested in the video just google it.

It’s amazing how just the right office chair can motivate you to stay in it & get your work done. ūüôā

For all my DIY people out there, you totally need to do this!!

***DIY Troll Doll Succulent Planter***

Simply remove the hair, add 3-4 pennies into the troll doll (for better drainage) as well as your soil. Then put your succulent into the doll. ūüôā¬†

I would also recommend drilling small holes into the bottom of the feet to help with drainage.