Ah, Tradition! KY Derby 142!

I have moved around my entire life and lived in various locations including North Carolina, Florida, California, Washington, Panama (summers as a teenager), Kentucky, Idaho and Utah.  Many people always ask me if I had a choice where would I live exclusively and I used to say Washington state, but as life has progressed I will now answer with an enthusiastic – Louisville, KY!  One of the many reasons I answer that way is the tradition of the Kentucky Derby.

KY Derby 142

 When I lived in Louisville all of us teachers would attend the Kentucky Oaks (the day of races before the Kentucky Derby), and would enjoy the hospitality of the infield  (so many fashion tickets to give, and yet so little time).  Then when I moved to Utah we had to balance hosting a Derby party or flying out to the Bluegrass State for the real thing.  A couple of years ago we hosted our first Derby party, and then last year Maximus Rex was born during that weekend so instead we broke out our flasks and watched the races in the hospital. 🙂  This year we carried on our tradition and had a grand party.  

2016-05-07 20.17.25


Big hats were worn, mint juleps were drank, betting on the horses ensued, and good times were had by all!  Although the party was grand, I will always encourage anyone who has the opportunity to attend the Derby to take it.



Until next year…Ciao…


Product Euphoria – Frozen Greek Yogurt Bars


I was strolling through Costco because I pretty much live there, and as I was passing some frozen cases on my way to grab baby wipes these popped out at me!  Now I think chocolate & mint are the perfect combination, but I also love ice cream.  My grandfather, Pop, ate ice cream every night after dinner, and yes, I loved spending the night because I got ice cream.  When I saw the frozen greek yogurt label I wasn’t sure how much I would like these bars, but they’re pretty damn good.  Plus, they are only 100 calories!

Of course when I picked up the box to read the nutrition label I was pleasantly surprised.  I would say they are mostly clean.  As you browse the label below some of my super clean eaters might disagree, but after sampling these (and I’m sure the whole box will be consumed by me), I will search out their other flavors to see if they are just as yummy!


A Class Act

The moment I discovered Janelle Monae reminded me music quality still existed out there. Of course quality music did exist, but most of the stuff I had been listening to didn’t motivate me to listen to it again. I’ve had this album since it came out, and now Janelle is motivating me to watch music videos again; thanks.

An Oldie & A Goodie

An Oldie & A Goodie

Whenever I’m searching for something new for breakfast I always go back to some variety of egg and toast. Tonight I was browsing some of food websites and saw this number & was hooked. EGG IN THE HOLE WITH MUSHROOMS AND MINER’S LETTUCE seems like it needs to be tried in the next week if not for sure at Mama Tina’s house in about a week. 🙂

Farm Getaway

The Ladybug Lady and I took a 24-hour road trip to her childhood home in Idaho this weekend.  We figured out that I hadn’t been there for 15 years and that I remembered very little.  When we arrived Friday evening I was blown away by the beauty (which I hadn’t remembered) and realized at that very moment I needed a break from my life bubble.



With almost 4,000 acres of wheat being farmed the location was really the epitome of isolation.  There are times when we need that break from our world to experience a different perspective.  I kept looking around wondering how many places like this still existed and wished it was only an hour away.



I truly understand her need to go out there often and was glad I could accompany her before baby time.  I know another 15 years will not pass before I visit again.


An Evening @ Sandy Amphitheater

An Evening @ Sandy Amphitheater

Good times were had by all listening to Huey Lewis and The News! I left with only one wish and that was that my second favorite song would have been featured, “Hip To Be Square”. Gosh, I love 80s music!








Nobody Sounds Quite Like Robin Thicke

I have purchased several albums from the son of Alan Thicke over the years and have never been disappointed. If you like a smooth R & B sound with some funk, plenty of getting of your freak on, and just plain old swooning, he’s the gentleman for you. I attached his latest single without the actual video for many reasons, but if you’re interested in the video just google it.

This is a great stroll down cologne memory lane.  My personal favorite is the Old Spice guy, and the award for lamest cologne advertising goes to Brad Pitt, for Chanel No. 5.  (Sorry Brad, but you shouldn’t have made the commercial.)


Great Moments in Scent History

History Stinks! From DIY sailor musk to Anchorman’s Sex Panther, here are some scent highlights throughout the ages.

I can’t wait to see these two wonderful people in less then 3 weeks!!  They make me laugh, smile, chuckle, think, ponder, and grateful whenever I’m in their presence.  Here’s to the inner circle!