The Organized Functional Movement (TOFM)

Since the personal job change occured I have been getting in tune with my home again.  Normally, it would happen during the summer or some school break, but now that I hang out at home more I have the time.  The result has been a progressive movement to make every space in my house as organized and functional as possible.  I have always gotten a cleansing feeling from throwing away stuff I don’t need, use or want anymore and then making the space organized and cute.  (Insert NERD ALERT!)

Some might dread this type of stuff, but ever since I helped a friend move her parents that owned/collected way too much stuff I find joy in purging anything from my house that hasn’t served a purpose in some time.  Plus, now that I have an almost toddler roaming the house it is imperative that each space is functional.  This means I can find things, put them back quickly, and use every nook and cranny of each space.

being organization

This sums it up sometimes, but other times I just get joy out of looking at a very organized space.  (Insert GAG ME WITH A SPOON for some people.)

Finally this post brings me to the point of my lastest product euphoria – magnetic spice tins.


I really should have transitioned to these awesome little items years ago.  During Thanksgiving I had noticed my mother had redone her spices in her pantry into glass jars with a sealed top.  I liked the look, but getting spices in and out of my pantry would be too far away when cooking, and glass jars don’t have the sprinkle holes when you only need a sprinkle.  Here’s a closeup of the spice tins…

spice tins

I would really recommend anyone looking to save space to use this method.  You get labels for the spice tins here.  You can order the tins themselves here.  (I ended up getting 12 at Amazon, then ordered a second set from them but they kept messing up the order so I ended up getting the final ones from Bed, Bath & Beyond.)  You will also need to order the magnetic metal backing to attach the tins on which you can find here.  I made the mistake of thinking the tins came with the backing because I didn’t read it closely – whoopsie!

This is the first of many posts from ‘The Organized Functional Movement’ to come since I’m on a mission lately.  Also in the works are glimpses into my redecorating of the house, more recipes posts and hopefully some outings with the kiddo!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!




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