Southern Winter Retreat

Utah the second time around continues to amaze me with its diversity, geographically at least.  The above snapshot is of a walking trail in Washington, Utah (St. George area) and I find it totally gorgeous.  However, it’s even more appealing because this is what I have been living in (like everyone else in the Wasatch front) for the past week…


You can barely make out a mountain back there because of the inversion (hot/cold weather fronts trap pollution in our valley) has been SO awful.  As we traveled from our house to the St. George area it didn’t clear totally up for a good 150 miles; seriously.  Here are some more shots as the journey progresses and the air starts to clear…



After we passed Filmore it finally was pretty clear.  I don’t really think people understand what it’s like living in a constant fog/smog like environment until they’ve experienced it.  Of course, being the silver lining type of person I am, when it gets this bad in Utah I think of a much more polluted place like parts of China and think we’re doing alright.  BUT I know we’re not doing alright especially if it’s not safe to take my 9-month old out for a walk.  I started to think of the movie, “The Mist”, and wondered if things were hiding in the smog.  (True confession – I’ve never seen “The Mist”, but wonder if things are hiding in the mist waiting to gobble you up.)

Back to the beauty at hand this past weekend.  We took walks and enjoyed as outside air we could get our hands on, and spent some time with Grandpa and Grandma Call as well.






This was our last walk and if I lived in this beauty daily it would take quite a bit to stop me from enjoying every aspect of it.  End scene.


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