My Career Change = Weird

Transitioning from teaching junior high for 15 years to being the Queen of the House (alright I was already, but now I’m literally in charge of the house & our children for the better part of the day) has been quite the experience so far.

#1 – Motherhood

Hands down, I love being a Mom.  I realize whether I work or not I’m a mother of  a human now, but not working gives me the opportunity to really see every little change and growth our child experiences.  It’s pretty cool and your kid thinks so too. *Insert Maximus’ cute smile here*

#2 – Project Procrastination

Being Queen of the House means you actually get to work on those projects you always said you were going to create, fix, etc.  True, mothering comes first, but little by little you chip away at each goal and task and it’s nice to live in a house you LOVE, not a house that you threw together in mediocre haste.  I still have plenty to do, but for some reason now it’s imperative that anything I do to our house reflects our style and a place we truly call our santuary.

#3 – Social Network Withdrawal

Truth be told I really miss my peeps during the day.  When I was at work I got my daily dose of conversation (some deep, some small talk), now it’s Maximus Rex & the dogs with the occasional outing with the few friends I have that are either retired or also stay home.  I realize at heart I’m an extrovert and should just be making new Mom friends left & right, but sometimes you don’t feel like starting over and you just want to catch up with someone familiar.  Eventually I’ll get over myself and make some new friends, but in my own time.

#4 – Purpose

This has been a very challenging mind shift for me.  When I taught, my purpose was to educate & craft young minds, collaborate with co-workers, and do all the other stuff that goes with it.  My purpose has shifted to educating & crafting one young mind, creating a beautiful home, and doing all the other stuff that goes with it.  One purpose is not higher than the other, however, when trasitioning from teaching all day to being the Queen of the House all day the mind shift takes some time (alright, raising our son in a safe, nurturing environment is the highest purpose of all to me).  On a daily basis I feel very fortunate to stay home with my son.  Do I miss work?  Yes.  What do I miss about it?  I miss engaging young minds (which I do with our son as well), collaborating with co-workers (I can envision myself creating a corporation of Moms who I collaborate with in one space; sorry social networks you just don’t get cut it because I prefer face to face most times), watching the teenage light bulb go off, joking with administration, and many other things.  Do I miss the missing work I have to hound students for?  No. Do I miss the after work meetings that didn’t accomplish much half of the time?  No.  Do I miss the uninvolved parents who only get involved when they think I’ve lied about their child’s behavior & their child couldn’t do any wrong?  No.  The point is my purpose has changed in a major way and the mind shift takes some time.  Is it a good change?  Definitely.

Overall, my current mental state is a combination of….WOOHOO!  I get to wake up with my son, husband, and two dogs at my own pace without teenagers at 7:50 a.m.!…or, RATS!  Where’s my social network of familiarity to share daily shenanigans with?  Although I’m in a state of weirdness for me right now, I know I will evolve and find the best part of me like I always do.

P.S.  Through this transitional phase Thor and I have spent more quality time together and have taken the time to reflect on what it means to live in the present and still accomplish far off goals at the same time.  This is why he is my best friend, lover, confidant, and is the best.


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