Product Euphoria – Frozen Greek Yogurt Bars


I was strolling through Costco because I pretty much live there, and as I was passing some frozen cases on my way to grab baby wipes these popped out at me!  Now I think chocolate & mint are the perfect combination, but I also love ice cream.  My grandfather, Pop, ate ice cream every night after dinner, and yes, I loved spending the night because I got ice cream.  When I saw the frozen greek yogurt label I wasn’t sure how much I would like these bars, but they’re pretty damn good.  Plus, they are only 100 calories!

Of course when I picked up the box to read the nutrition label I was pleasantly surprised.  I would say they are mostly clean.  As you browse the label below some of my super clean eaters might disagree, but after sampling these (and I’m sure the whole box will be consumed by me), I will search out their other flavors to see if they are just as yummy!



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