Excuses, Excuses

Excuses, Excuses

Back on my birthday in September I had set a goal for myself. My plan was to achieve a toned, muscular body by my 40th and upcoming birthday. It was a great plan, but as much as I tried to set aside time, my time kept getting eaten up by work. Eventually, I gave up on my goal and didn’t really advertise my choice. People kept asking how the workouts were going and asking me if I had lost weight. I would tell them there hadn’t been much exercise, and yet the way people were talking to me it was like I worked out all the time; that’s because I used to, like last summer.

I’m here to tell those that read this blog I have been all talk and no action. Up until today I had accepted my choice of not trying anymore and started to believe I would never achieve what I want. I have been unmotivated and yet a little voice in the back of my head kept saying, “You know you love that feeling when your body is tighter, you can start to see your bicep and shoulder muscles, and you can drop it like a squat with 25 lb. dumb bells.”

After much thinking, processing and negotiating with excuses, I was getting ready for work last night and saw the book “Push” by Chalene Johnson on my bookshelf. I had read it when it first came out and liked what it had to say, but had I really read it and let the words sink in? Well, since last night and picking up the book again I feel a renewed sense of self. I was reminded that one of my largest hurdles can be my mindset at times. It’s not that I sabotage myself or maybe I do by making excuses for myself like work getting in the way (it so did this year), I don’t feel like working out some days (more lately), or I don’t want to do what it really takes to get what I want and maintain it.

Well, I don’t want to be the person that lives with the regret of not trying my hardest to get what I want. Thus, IT’S TIME TO PUSH. It’s time to push myself to get what I want. It’s time to be in it for the long haul even when I’m knocked down. It’s time to make the sacrifices that will get me the results I want. IT’S TIME.

Stay tuned…


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