The Flavors of Protein

When looking for a quick snack or perhaps a meal, I was always on the hunt for a good granola bar, protein bar, or something that would taste good and be nutrional.  Choosing the bar is a quick fix for those of us who are super, hyper busy sometimes.

There’s so much out there today and those bar options beg the question, do I really want to read every single bar ingredient label that I come across??  If you’ve ever read any of them, most of them are this long:

protein bar ingredients

I get through the first ingredient and I’m literally exhausted.  

When I came across Quest Protein Bars, I was quite pleased at it’s simplistic approach to ingredients, and more importantly the taste and how many flavors they offer.  Here’s a sample of their ingredient list:

quest protein bar ingredients

11 whole ingredients!!  20 grams of protein and only 3 carbs!!  17 grams of fiber!! WINNER!

Not only do I enjoy these protein bars because less is more when it comes to ingredients, but they offer tons of flavors (Cookies ‘n cream, chocolate chip & apple pie are my favorite), they taste good, and they keep me full.  So, if you need a new protein bar, go on a ‘Quest‘ and try this one out.  🙂

quest protein bars


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