Cocktail Review – Peyton Place

So, I made a goal this year not to purchase any cookbooks, cooking magazines, or anything that had recipes I had to pay for.  The result has been going through the plethora of recipes I already owned and try them out.

It ended up being a Friday afternoon when I mixed up this concoction and thought of my friend, Mary.  She and I had vowed to start trying out the recipes in this tequila cocktail recipe book I had received for Christmas awhile back, but  we never got to it.  The ‘Peyton Place’ cocktail got selected because I happened to have all of the ingredients and didn’t end up having to go to the store.  After I mixed it up, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was very pleased.  The drink has a sweetness to it, but it’s the perfect combination of sweet & tart.  Perhaps, it will become my 2014 spring drink.  🙂


Peyton Place Ingredients

Peyton Place Ingredients

It seems I’ve misplaced the ingredient card, so here it goes from memory…

  • 3 parts Gin
  • 2 parts Slow Gin
  • 5 parts grapefruit juice
  • Simple Syrup (I used agave.)
  • A dash of Club Soda


  • Mix all ingredients in a drink shaker EXCEPT club soda.  Pour into a glass, add club soda & ENJOY!


Peyton Place

Peyton Place


Mid-week drink anyone?  It’s 5 ‘o clock somewhere – hooray!!



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