Restaurant Review – The Black Bear Diner

It was a Saturday lunch out today mainly because Thor has been homebound for the last days after severly pulling his back.  The first suggestions was The Belgian Waffle & Omelet place, but then The Black Bear Diner was mentioned and we headed up there.

Overall, I’d give the whole experience a mediocre.  (This would include food, environment, menu choice, etc.)  My food was pretty good – 3-egg white omelet w/ mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, spinach, bell pepper & cheese; red potatoes w/ bell peppers & onions; and I just realized I didn’t get my fruit unless one orange slice counts as fruit.  Thor had the tri-tip/mushroom omelet with a biscuit instead of fruit (the biscuit lacked taste, but I have seriously never to this day found a biscuit as awesome as the one’s at the now retired Lynn’s Paradise Cafe in KY.).  Thor felt too much parmesan cheese was used and over powered the omelet’s flavor.

The service was alright, but I guess it was a good sign that we had to wait 10 minutes because it was so busy.  🙂  The prices were alright as well.  I have issues when my cup of coffee was just as much as a side of bacon, or Thor’s dish was less expensive than mine and it had meat.

Would I go again?  Yes, because I want to try other things on their menu.  Could I go to Johanna’s or The Belgian Waffle & Omelet place and be alright too?  Yep.


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