No More Excuses

All summer long until Pioneer Day (for those you not from Utah, that’s the state holiday on July 24th) my workouts had been consistent and encouraging. Muscle started to slowly peek out of certain parts of my body and I was rather impressed with myself. I had found during this past school year that if I didn’t consistently work out my sanity was in jeopardy. So, when the summer began I was determined to get myself in a state of mind that my workouts were non-negotiable.

Well, my efforts slowly unraveled and soon they were non-existent. I made excuses for myself that company was in town (several times), and then the workout room went under construction which made it even easier to find other things to fill my time. However, something very pleasant happened to me today – my body rebelled & screamed at me from within to workout. In the past I would have ignored my body’s pleas, but not today. Today I put my Turbofire Sculpt 30 DVD in the PS3 and worked the hell out of my resistance band, followed by some light cardio. Afterwards, my body said ‘THANK YOU’, and I know when I consistently honor my workouts I honor and appreciate my mental wellness.

When obstacles block my workouts I need to remember this moment and make sure my workouts are non-negotiable. I realize there will be a very rare circumstance where it’s not in the stars for me, but normally when I think it’s not possible I need to find a way no matter how unorthodox it may seem. By following this mindset I will achieve my 40th birthday goal.


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