NEC Update – Day #5

So far my 32-day No Excuses Challenge (NEC) has been going pretty well.  I’ve been impressed at my ability to find ways to continue eating clean.  For example, I love just a little something sweet to eat after a meal.  Normally I would reach for the bag of Ghiradelli 60% cacao chocolate chips that live in my pantry, however, instead I have reached for a piece of gum or the occasional half handful of raisins.  I have been drinking my Shakeology, limited my alcohol intake & keeping with my exercise regimen.  The two things I need to work on is drinking more water and food journaling daily.  I think because I’m on spring break I have chosen to not to journal telling  myself I’m on vacation.  And the cleaning out/organizing maniac side of me has been so busy that breaking to down 2-3 liters of water on & off is not been a priority.  

The great thing about this challenge is the self-reflection part.  I love the fact that I can see where I need to work on certain things, and I know I can follow through on all the promises I made.  I wouldn’t have made unattainable goals because I know myself.  My friend Dayo calls this self-relfection being self-actualized.  I just refer to it as owning my actions and then finding ways to address them.  

Finally, I do much better drinking water when I’m in my work routine.  I tend to drink more water when I have to drive places that are 20 or more minutes away. 


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