A Cleaner Path

I went out to dinner with a friend tonight and had a surprisingly clean salad for dinner (shrimp, raw pistachios, grapefruit wedges, & spinach).  As usual, I wanted something sweet afterwards so when I got home a had a few amaretto cookies & handful of chocolate chips (not my regular Ghiradelli 60% chocolate chips).  These food items aren’t in my normal eating regimen or part of the goals I’m trying to accomplish and after I ate them I realized they were too sweet for my taste buds anymore.  To some extent my reaction was kind of weird, but on the other hand since I’ve been eating cleaner and cleaner I want or crave clean foods all the time.  When I eat stuff that isn’t clean I just don’t enjoy them as much.  In a way it’s sad to me, but on the other side I feel like I’m overcoming my sweet tooth one day at a time.  

After years of experimenting with food, I really believe in the latter of the two statements above.  It feels good to know I want the cleaner foods and that my body loves me for it.


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