Lack of Sunshine = Grumpy

To say I need to see the sun continuously is an understatement. I get that
during the winter months it’s going to be cold, it’s going to snow
moderately (or more often), and there will be days without Mr. Sunshine.
However, I’m sick of the constant grey skies and when I woke up this
morning and saw it snowing once again, I cringed inside and just wanted to
transport myself to somewhere with some sun. The result of my grumpiness
has been poor food choices…candy, sour cream cheddar potato chips, and a
Dr. Pepper (even my students were like, “Mrs. Call! You don’t drink

So, now the school day with students has ended and I decided to take a
moment for myself. I browsed one of my favorite blogs,, and
found her latest blog post which included talking about dehydration and
stomach acidity levels on Steven and
After reading it and surveying my veins, I’m very dehydrated today. I’m
not really surprised because I have only drank 2 cups of coffee and the Dr.
Pepper I mentioned. Then I began to reflect on the health goals I have set
for myself and knew I had failed miserably up until this very moment. It’s
3:21 p.m., and I’m going to get some water and if I’m hungry have a Trio
Bar. I would like to apologize to myself for falling off the wagon, but I
have climbed back on and will stay there to reach my goals.

P.S. – I hope to see Mr. Sunshine tomorrow and if not, I need to create
ways to cope.


Lack of Sunshine = Grumpy


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