Inversion Blues to Blue Skies

I have never been so overjoyed to see blue skies and the mountains (which you can’t see in this picture)!!!  In the Utah valleys we suffer from something called Inversion.  Basically, due to the sun’s angle and living in a valley, all the polluted air and cold gets trapped which looks like the first picture.  It takes a good storm system to send the Inversion on its way (the second picture).  This inversion stuck around for almost 2 weeks and I felt like I lived in a fog.  The air quality is very poor and dangerous, especially for those who suffer from respiratory issues, the elderly, and if you choose to be daring and still take a run or bike ride outside.  Yesterday (the first picture) was probably one of the most depressing days outside because with the haze came the fog.  When I woke up this morning I praised everything that is holy when I saw the sky.  Here’s to clearer skies and counting down to mid-February when the Inversion is less likely.


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