New Year Goal

New Year’s goals are set and I’m ready to put them out there.  The two major ones are changing to a completely clean eating lifestyle and getting the fully toned, jiggle-free physique I have always dreamed of since I was a young teenager.  (The second one I want to have by the time I turn 40; September 2014).  By publishing my goals, I will be keeping myself accountable and I will accomplish the goals I have set for myself.  CAN I GET A WOOT WOOT!!

I, Sarah Jane Mastin-Call, promise to adhere to a clean eating lifestyle.  I promise to work hard at the home gym and push myself past my limits a little each and every workout.  I promise to make time for my workouts and make no excuses to skip them.  I promise to have a positive attitude at all times.  I promise to let things go that are out of my control.  I promise to let go of the time consuming, wasteful, toxic things/people in my life.  I promise.  #goals #dreams #ipromise #cleaneating #positive #health #happy


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