2 More Days…

2013 begins in 39 hours (MST) and my new year goals start with it.  Eating clean 100% of the time and enjoying life by indulging in the positive, motivating people around me more.  Along with these two main goals is the 40-year goal: a well-defined, muscular physique.  All of these goals remind me of this quote:


I think this past year I discovered that I really can do and be anything I want and it’s truly up to me and the work I want to put into it.  For example, this past Spring I threw myself into Chalean Extreme and worked out like a beast.  The result was weighing ten pounds less and feeling stronger; I could actually perform two full push-ups when I was done.  Then fast forward to October when I did Beachbody’s Ultimate Reset.  It was more of a mental challenge then a physical one.  No coffee, alcohol, and other things for 21 days.  For some people it wouldn’t be a challenge, and for me the challenge wasn’t doing without some things, it was the time preparation involved.  The end result:  dedication created a stronger me, mentally and physically.

This year will holds its challenges, but I still believe I can achieve my goals.  Eating Clean (EC) is something my good friends and family have heard me say before; however, others won’t understand or will ask what I’m doing.  Luckily, I have vision and inspirational people on my side.  Thor, my husband, always supports me and tries anything I cook.  Theresa Jenn, who I discovered through various web pages, is further along on a similar journey and reminds me constantly to do what I have to do to achieve my goal.  Tosca Reno and Clean Eating Magazine are my food tools.  Beachbody Coaches are my local motivational folks.  Energy sapped and unhealthy looking people (not just overweight people) remind me of part of the reason I’m on this mission:  TO FEEL BETTER.   

I got this and I’m doing this for me.  Let the countdown begin…


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