Holiday Journey

(Snapping the newly remodeled backyard @ Mama Tina & Chuck’s.  From my viewpoint and the snow on the ground you really don’t get the full picture.  I thought their yard looked great before; however, they wanted a different look.)

I’m here in The Potato State chillaxin’ with the family for Christmas.  We arrived last night and were treated to many hugs, smiles, and stories.  It’s been sometime since my brother and his family and the rest of us were together.  I wish I would have planned to be here for Christmas Eve, but that will happen next time for sure.

I believe if my brother and I lived closer together we would hang out more.  Having four children has changed him to a point, but the same brother I grew up with is very present.  I woke up this morning and he was very chipper; this is not something I remember at all.  Mama Tina says being a parent does it to you.  I would being a teacher might do it to you too, but I haven’t converted yet.  🙂

It was a very, Merry Christmas yesterday.  All year long I feel very fortunate for the life I live, the best husband that truly exists on this planet, the very loving dogs that we adopted, my family, my friends, the house that I get to live in, the clean food I can afford and so many other things.  This feeling will persist daily and soon I will develop the goals I will work on for 2013.


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