Eating Clean, Staying Active and Inspiring Others

Today I’m going to take a break from my recipe sharing and share a web article that resonated with me.  The article talked of a woman in her fifties and her journey to eating better and staying active.  Her article reminded me why staying healthy is so important to me, especially as I get older.  My grandfather on my mother’s side lived until he was 96.  My great grandfather on my stepfather’s side lived until he was 104.  Living this long is important to me, but not as important as living a quality life where I’m not limited by lack of energy or a body that tells me it’s too old.

51 And Going Strong!, posted by the Quest Protein Bar Blog really described many things I believe in and experience all of the time.  (The author mentions her discovery of Tosca Reno and eating clean; so did I!)  It is a rather lengthy article, but totally worth the read.  Enjoy!


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