Restaurant Spotlight: Bohemian Brewery

After seeing my most beloved secret agent this past Saturday evening (007 in Skyfall), I was treated to a belated birthday dinner and I chose the Bohemian Brewery.  Besides making it’s own beer and not being a chain restaurant, the Bohemian prides itself on their delicious German/European fare.  They have great garlic fries, brats and pierogies.  I was looking for something lighter and tried a different salad then my regular favorite, the Poached Pear Salad.

This salad didn’t disappoint and there was so much there I could only finish half of it.  I took half of the salmon home and ate it with lunch the following day.  I really could eat at this place once a week, but I choose to feature it only every once in awhile so I appreciate it more when I visit again.

If you have never gone to the Bohemian Brewery I highly recommend it even if you don’t drink beer.  I plan on keeping a regular stash of their beer because their beer comes in cans which gets along with my current recycling program.  🙂


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