Lazy Alternative: Paninis

This past Friday night our dinner guest canceled and I asked my husband, what should we do for dinner?  Should I stay the course and make homemade lasagna and sauce as planned or something else?  His texted response was, “Paninis”.  Although I was ready for some pasta cheesey goodness, his suggestion appealed to my ‘less is more’ side, especially after attending meetings all afternoon and gazing upon many inches of snow outside.

Buffalo Chicken, Tomato & Guacamole Panini

I still kept my panini on the cleaner eating side with Ezekial 4:9 sprouted wheat bread, tomatoes and guacamole.  The Buffalo chicken deli meat could have been a cleaner choice, but I couldn’t resist after picking up some bacon wrapped turkey/ham for my husband.  🙂

Thank you Diana and Daniel Newell for giving us one of the best wedding presents a couple could use regularly – The Panini Maker.  (One of these days we are going to have that Panini/Martini party like Daniel suggested.)


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