The Ultimate Reset – Part I

Back on October 10th, I started a 21-day journey to reset my body by using Beachbody’s Ultimate Reset.  What does this mean?  Resetting means eliminating any unnatural ingredients in the food I eat (processed foods), and to align my body’s ph.  The program includes six different supplements, along with an extensive recipe collection of whole, natural foods.

So far I have stuck to the food regimen quite well (three meals/day; drinking only distilled water; no caffeine or alcohol) and it has paid off.  One of the things I have noticed is that in the past I would get hungry and reach for food half of the time.  During the program if I think I’m hungry I reach for my water & have found out I’m not hungry at all (90% of the time) – HOORAY!  Next I realized I put very high expectations on myself about having my entire To Do list done everyday, and through this reset I recognized that only really important things need to get done & I need to quit stressing about the rest.  Sure those other things need to get done too, but I’m not going to let stress ooze into the knots that live connected to my shoulder blades because I don’t get the entire list checked off.  Finally, I have lost about 7 lbs.  Let me tell ya folks, I can’t remember the last time the scale said, “146.5 lbs.” – LIKE NEVER!  
One major positive is that my self-discipline to stick with the program has not wavered & has been rock solid. (How many more days to go?)  šŸ™‚  However, the next week or so will be tough with Halloween parties coming up, but I know I can do it.  
In regards to the supplements, the six of them really make the program work.  I use Himilayan salt in all my distilled water.  One of the supplements helps my metabolism, while others give me more oxygen or assist in the alkalizing process.  This week includes the detox supplement which helped in cleansing, and I can honestly say nothing was harsh about it.  
If there are any cons to the reset it would be that I don’t like certain foods the recipes include.  Most of you know I’m not a squash person, and I’ve decided seaweed isn’t for me.  Thor has eaten many of the meals with me and enjoys about half of them.  He does really like the Creamy Garlic Salad Dressing.
When I get to the last day of the reset, I’ll blog about Part II and update the rest of my journey.  
P.S. – I really feel better eating whole, natural foods.  Many of us, myself included, forget how good we feel until we take all the processed nonsense out of our diet.



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