Eating Is Everything

Some of us are foodies and some of us eat to live, but all of us need food to fuel our lives.  The food we eat effects how we feel, how we look, and quite possibly our future food choices.

Since I’ve returned to teaching my food choices have determined my energy, my weight, and sometimes my mood.  More importantly, I’ve recognized that my food choices are more connected to maintaining my weight than working out five to six times a week.  Don’t misunderstand me, exercise does play a role in maintaining my weight and I like getting my sweat on, however, my food choices play a larger role.  Additionally, the cleaner I eat (minimally processed foods) provides even more evidence to support that food choices plays a larger role in maintaining my weight then exercise.

I bring this personal revelation to you after reading an article that related to my experience.  While the article does give a plug to the ever popular Shakeology, even without Shakeology I have found that my food choices matter greatly.  (Quite frankly I have taken a break from Shakeology because they changed the chocolate formula and I don’t care for it.  Apparently, many people don’t care for the new formula either and Beachbody has many people working on a better tasting new formula.)

Don’t worry I’ll still blog about indulgent, decadent food, but I’ll also blog about cleaner versions of these indulgent foods.  I wanted share some of my personal food journey experience and as the blog title states, my food tastes evolve all the time.

Happy Eating…


Here’s the article I read – “Abs Are Made in the Kitchen” –


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