Thanks, Beachbody!

As many of you know I’m a Beachbody coach in my spare time, however, for the most part I didn’t really coach that much.  Until recently I only kept up being a coach so I could get a pretty sweet discount on my Shakeology (and many other Beachbody products that are awesome).  Don’t me get me wrong, I believed & still believe in many of their messages (helping to end the trend of obesity, and helping people make better informed choices about their nutrition/exercise regimens), but I always felt that I had to put on the hat of a salesperson to get other people to buy into what I really do enjoy about Beachbody.

Fast forward to today and my perception has changed quite a bit.  The most important thing I’ve realized is that all of these people that do love Beachbody are some of the most motivated people I’ve ever met in regards to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and they motivate me.  🙂  They remind me that I would rather hangout with motivated, positive, happy, believe in something people, then continue to sit on the back burner of my coaching status.  They remind me that everyone becomes a coach for a different reason.  Some signup to shake up our society that is saturated with processed foods and motionless activities, and others signup up to continually improve their health goals and indirectly model them to others.  No matter what the reason you signup for, ultimately, you have picked the right group of people.

If you ever want to know more about Team Beachbody, let me know.  🙂

~ Mastidon ~ (a.k.a. Sarah Mastin-Call)
Facebook – Sarah Mastin-Call
Twitter – @Gordelia


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