Restaurant Review – Asian Potato

Around our neighborhood & surrounding neighborhoods there are many restaurants, however, they are all chain restaurants.  Chain restaurants do serve the purpose of providing predictability, but many of them don’t have many semi-healthy/healthy options, and I tire of them easily.   Don’t worry, there are many non-chain restaurants as you drive the cop infested streets of Sandy, Midvale, Murray, etc. (i.e. – Tin Roof Grill, The Bohemian and many others), and those are the types of food venues I prefer.

Often I drive north on 700 East and pass the ‘Asian Potato’, and think what an interesting name.  Then I start asking myself, “Is this an Asian restaurant that has a potato in every dish?  Where did they come up with that name?”  Well, a couple of nights ago it was my night to cook & I decided I didn’t feel like cooking & suggested Pei Wei (one of our standard semi-healthy establishments we regularly frequent; yes, I know it’s a chain).  Then Thor said, “How about the ‘Asian Potato’?”

So we ventured out & dined at the Asian Potato, and I have to say it’s not potato themed (and I never found out the origins of the name).  I am glad to say that all the food we ate was REALLY good!!  Here’s what we had:


  • Veggie Spring Rolls  – These were very fresh & some of the best I’ve had in awhile.  Yes, they were deep fried, but I had to try them.
  • Hot & Sour Soup – Very thick & just the right amount of hot to clear your sinuses.
Main Dishes
  • Panang Curry (hot red curry) – Came in a bowl with chicken, veggies, coconut milk & just the right combination of sweet & hot.
  • Szechwan Chicken – I emphasized I didn’t want a deep-fried dish, so I got this.  Nice & hot, just the way I like it & lots of veggies.
A few other noteworthy mentions…they have brown rice which can be hard to find at some Asian restaurants.  From the main dishes mentioned above the restaurant serves Chinese & Thai food.  They’re reasonably priced & have lunch specials.  You can eat in or order take out.  And the back of their brochure says they don’t use MSG.
If you get a chance or have a craving for Chinese or Thai food, I would highly recommend it.
Asian Potato, 8745 S. 700 E., Sandy, UT  84070, 801.255.1122,


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