2nd Annual No Sugar November!!

Last year after attending our final Halloween party for the month of October, and probably eating our fair share of candy/junk food and drinking our fair share of cold beverages, Thor & I looked at each other and I knew I had to suggest it.  You ask what I suggested??  I suggested going sugar-free for the month of November until Turkey Day.

I know it’s just pure craziness (for some people), but it’s really not for us anymore.  I first attempted it for two weeks circa ’07 or ’08, and I was amazed at the difference it made.  I had more energy (even when I was suppose to be tired), after the two weeks I didn’t crave sugar as much as before, and I believe I remember a student saying I was nicer.  Who knew??  I would say after last year’s first attempt, Thor has been quite disciplined ever since at not eating sugar unless there’s a big party.  (It must be having the power of the hammer.)  He says now when he does eat sugar he can totally tell the difference physically, and not for the better.

So with our second attempt, we ask you to join us with this challenge.  We already have quite the support group, but we are still taking applications for sugar-free enthusiasts.  Sign-up soon because we start on Tuesday.

Ciao for now…


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