Ever since I’ve been on the road of good nutrition & trimming down my lovely figure, I’m always learning something about what will make me successful & not successful.  I’ve counted calories, cut down carbs, and tried & implemented a lot of different things.  Recently, I read the Diet Solution by Isabel De Los Rios.  Her nutrition program follows a regimen of eating all-natural.  Of course some of us think all-natural, but she is pretty serious.  
After reading her take & what she thinks works, I did cut out all the chemicals & anything that wasn’t all-natural from my diet for awhile.  And I must say I didn’t miss my diet coke or other things that much; I was pleasantly surprised. (Cutting out the Splenda or Sweet ‘n Low was hard, but I found Stevia.  Now she did insist everything should be organic & I understand why, but my budget won’t accommodate that right now.)

My ultimate point is I feel really, really, really good when I do eat all-natural.  Many say it’s around 80% what you eat & around 20% exercise in how your body stays healthy.  Whatever the percentage might be, eating all-natural make a very persuasive argument. 


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