Cooking, Dining, and Enjoying a Superb Evening

Since we’ve moved to Utah, and since the C.B.C. (Cold Beverage Committee) has been extended to Utah, dinner at Jen & Brian’s is a regular occurrence (and at our house too).  So when Mama Tina came to stay with us for a few days we joined Jen & her family for dinner and had a grand time.  I LOVE to eat, and everyone else there LOVES to eat, so we planned it, cooked it, and thoroughly enjoyed it.  
Appetizer (Jen):  Various cheese (blue, brie, goat), grapes, crackers, & olives.
Drinks (Jen):  Melon Ball, wine, water
Main Dish (Mama Tina):  Prosciutto stuffed pork with fresh rosemary & thyme
Sides (Mama Tina & Jen):  Garlic smashed potatoes, Greek salad
Dessert (Mama Tina):  Almond Cake w/ fresh strawberries, coffee


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