Dinner at Mom’s….

It’s a Friday evening, and I’m at Mom’s enjoying a nice meal. I don’t ever need an reason to stop by there & enjoy their company & a meal, but Chuck’s high school buddy was driving through so Mom said come on over. If you’ve never experienced my mother’s cooking, she just doesn’t make something, everything is literally made from scratch.

Appetizer – Brie Cheese melted covered with honey/mustard spread & chopped Walnuts
Salad – Spring mix w/ cranberries, goat cheese, onions, candied pecans and sweet dressing
Entree’ – Flank steak stuffed with Monterrey jack cheese & salami, and marinated for a 24 hours.
Sides – Baby carrots cooked in bourbon & maple syrup, smashed garlic potatoes, and garlic sourdough bread.
Dessert – Luscious Lemon Cheese (three layers of ecstasy)

Now mind you this meal is just for an old high school friend and her current boyfriend. It’s hard, but someone must endure this decadent meal. :0) If you’re nice enough, she might have any of one of you over one day….


One comment

  1. i’m missing you this morning, reading my blogs, watching the news and drinking coffee. i’d call, but i wouldn’t dare – it’s before 10:00am on a sunday!wish i was getting ready for brunch at lynn’s.love you =o)

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